Welcome to Ewerby & Evedon Parish Council

Ewerby & Evedon Parish Council consists of 7 councillors.

The Parish Council meets 4 times a year (normally in Feb, May, Aug & Nov).

The Annual Parish meeting is generally held concurrently with the May council meeting.

The meetings are held in the Reading Rooms in Ewerby Village.

The meetings start at 7.30pm.

All residents are welcome to come to the public forum and discuss any concerns about the Parish.

 Parish Council Members

  • Councillor M Scott (Chairman)
  • Councillor M Priestley (Vice Chairman)
  • Councillor D Broadberry
  • Councillor C Issitt
  • Councillor A Lister-Tomlinson
  • Councillor B Lord
  • Councillor C Marshall

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tue 14 Nov 2023