Welcome to Ewerby & Evedon Parish Council

Ewerby & Evedon Parish Council consists of 7 councillors.

The Parish Council meets 4 times a year (normally in Feb, May, Aug & Nov).

The Annual Parish meeting is generally held concurrently with the May council meeting.

The meetings are held in the Reading Room in Ewerby Village.

The meetings start at 7.30pm.

All residents are welcome to come to the public forum and discuss any concerns about the Parish.

 Parish Council Members

  • Councillor N Scott (Chairman)
  • Councillor D Broadberry (Deputy Chairman)
  • Councillor E Drayton
  • Councillor C Issitt
  • Councillor A Lister-Tomlinson
  • Councillor B Lord
  • Councillor C Marshall

Former Deputy Chairman Councillor M Priestley 'stepped down' from the Parish Council in May 2024 after decades of service and will be sorely missed.  As Acting Chairman he ably steered our Council through a difficult time following the death of our former Chairman Councillor M Scott.


Upcoming Parish Council meetings:  Wed 7 Aug 2024, Wed 6 Nov 2024


Proposed Biogas Plant Threatens Anwick Village:

Press Release Saturday, 06 July 2024

Urgent: Proposed Biogas Plant Threatens Anwick Village

Anwick Village is facing a serious threat with the proposed development of a Biogas Plant adjacent to the Moy Park Slaughter House on Main Road Anwick. The Anwick Action Group has raised a series of strong objections to this plant, citing multiple associated risks.

 Air Quality Issues (Smell)

 Traffic and Transportation

 Noise/Light and Air Pollution

 Water Contamination

 Health Risks`

 Environmental Impact

 Economic Impact

 Visual Impact

 Operational Risks

 Community Disruption

Key risks identified include:

 Increased Traffic: An estimated 585 additional vehicles, carrying chicken litter, will use the A153, leading to significant traffic congestion.

 Health Hazards: There is a risk of airborne pathogens, such as campylobacter and red mites. Vulnerable residents, particularly those with respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, or other lung complaints, are at increased risk.

Despite our recommendation not to submit a planning application due to Anwick's location under restricted RAF airspace, the developers intend to pursue the application after the August break.

We urge all villagers to join the Anwick Action Group on Facebook or attend our Parish Council meetings for regular updates. Your involvement is crucial in protecting our community.

Contact: Anwick Action Group

Email: mrsjaynebond@gmail.com

Mobile: 07831 886111

For Immediate Release