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Annual Newsletter

Review of the Year to 31st March 2022   


The Precept for the year was £3,500 for the 11th year in succession. Total Income in the year amounted to £9,428 (2021 - £7,718) which included the rent of the Parish Land, VAT refund, Cemetery Fees and donations towards new playground equipment. Total Expenditure amounted to £13,303 (2021 - £4,663) which included the cost of mowing the Green, Churchyard, Cemetery and Playing Field of some £2,390 (2021 – £2,491) Insurance of £449, Clerk’s salary of £360. New playground equipment amounted to £5,850 part funded by donations from village charities and the Sardeson family from the Ewerby Hoard.  


Precept 2022/23 

You will have noted from the Council Tax Bill received from North Kesteven District Council that the Parish Precept has been maintained at £3,500. 



Your Parish Councillors are: William Howe, 461389, Naden Robinson, 469148. Michael Scott, 460644, Trevor Henson, 460388, Mick Priestley 460730. Andy Lister-Tomlinson. Carl Issitt represents Evedon 413644. Jane Gibson is our Clerk - her telephone number is 461063. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us if you have any problems you consider could be addressed by the Parish Council.  


Speeding through the Village 

The Parish Council continue to work with the Police to try and address the problem of speeding through the village. As has been the case in the past, in the main, offenders live in the village. There are an increased number of small children living in the village and the last thing we need is a fatality resulting from excessive speeding.  



Although there has been some real improvement the perennial problem of dogs fouling the pavements and verges within the village continues. Church Lane is a particular problem. Dog owners are again asked to help with this very unpleasant problem. No dogs are allowed on the Playing Field



We would ask everyone in the village to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious to the Police immediately.  


Web Site – http://ewerby.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk


The Parish Council has a web site at the above address. All Agendas, agreed minutes, accounts and budgets are available on the website together with other village news. It is an excellent site maintained by Naden Robinson and if you have any observations or suggestions for its improvement please do speak to Naden on the above number. 


Michael Scott – Chairman 

July 2022.