Parish land tenancy

Ewerby and Evedon Parish Council own 10.4 acres of agricultural land on the left hand side of the Ewerby to Asgarby road.

It is assumed that at some time in the distant past the fields involved were gifted to the Parish Council by the then Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham, the owner of the Haverholme Estate. The land is Registered.

The Haverholme Estate, then owned by the Dennis Family, had farmed the Parish Land up until 1969 when C. H. Sardeson took on the tenancy to farm the land, which he has continued to do up to the present time. C.H. Sardeson farms other land around the village.

The rent for the land is regularly reviewed, under the terms of an Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 tenancy, and forms part of the Parish Council’s income in determining the Precept each year.

The photograph above shows the Chairman of the Parish Council, M.J.Scott, and C.H.Sardeson signing a Memorandum agreeing a revision to the rent.

4th February 2009.